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To read by parents - Why choose contact lenses rather than glasses?

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Why choose contact lenses rather than glasses?

Before school age, contact lenses will be recommended mainly for medical reasons. Later aesthetic and practical reasons will also come into play.

Aesthetic and practical reasons

Children are asking for contact lenses earlier and earlier, often from age eight upwards, whether they are short-sighted, long-sighted or astigmatic.

  • Contact lenses help them to get on well at school and develop their personality.
  • Their field of vision is enlarged and not limited by frames.
  • Teenagers at high school can enjoy good eyesight, without any practical or aesthetic constraints.

Medical reasons

For very young children, contact lenses are reserved for cases of congenital cataracts or traumatic injuries diagnosed by the ophthalmologist.

  • Between the age of 3 and 6, they will be preferred to glasses only when necessary for eyesight reasons:
    • A long-sighted childīs squint can be improved;
    • If there is a major difference in vision between the two eyes, the child will enjoy better visual comfort;
    • Continuous contact lenses wear will also be recommended for a major visual defect or for progressive short-sightedness.
Do not hesitate to talk about contact lenses for your child.
Ask your eye care specialist for advice.
Why choose contact lenses rather than glasses?